21st century education


Praxis…. the practice, research

and learning behind creativity


I recently joined a Practise based Research in the Arts course, being facilitated by Stanford University and NovoEd educational forums. The course  is very interesting and is adding to the research based and practise based skills of the students who have joined in. Students in this course are from diverse fields of Arts practise. The best part is the peer reviews which, is giving us all so much scope to gel in and learn from each other. Each week’s lecture and assignment aims to offer the students some very methodical and tested tools for refining creative skills.

I am furnishing some of my learning and outcome though this course, for feedback from my fellow writers and arts practitioners.

Please follow the link to read the full Blog Post- http://wordsforthedays.wordpress.com/praxis-the-practice-research-and-learning-behind-creativity/ 


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