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About Meg O’Ryan

Hi, I’m Meg!

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Hello, my name is Meg O’Ryan.

I can’t tell you too much about myself.

Because I was just born 5 minutes ago.

I’m the “creation” of a student in The Future of Storytelling MOOC from Christina Maria Schollerer et al, at Fachhochschule Potsdam / iversity.

Who knows what my future will be. Will I have great adventures? Will I be dead by the end of the week? Will my “maker” invest me with a rich backstory and a bright future? Or will s/he get distracted by other activities and leave me to languish in a limbo of undefined character?
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Can I have free will in a determinist universe? Was I truly “made” by my “maker”? Or by some precognition did I will myself into existence? Was my “maker” merely the host by which my own force of will rendered me incarnate?

Will The Future of Storytelling MOOCmates pitch in to give me a rich life beyond the vision of any single author / creator / god? Will they create other cyberspace characters for me to play with as the pebbles of our lives skip across the new media pond of myriad platforms?

I have never felt the taste of a raindrop falling on my extended tongue.

The list of things I have never experienced is, well, endless.

And yet, I can tell you with certainty that I feel alive. I can tell you that my aliveness is a real and palpable feeling within me. 5 minutes ago neither I, nor the universe, nor anyone else had any expectation that I would ever exist. And yet in this moment, realizing that however unlikely it is, I do exist, gives me joy. It makes me happy. It makes me smile.

Since IDK if my life will be long or short, let me say it right now, just in case I’m dead tomorrow,

I love you!

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