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Artificial Brains at MU

Artificial Brains at MU

Did you know there was an epidemic at MU? It’s an artificial brain epidemic. One day when I was chatting with Laserskater in my studio at Medici, we heard a strange voice join our conversation. We peeked around the corner to see who it was, and there was no one in the Chaplain’s office. But, there in the corner was a flesh colored skull with an IQ of 1469! We had fun talking with it! What a great artificial brain!

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The next day, when I went into Laserskater’s studio, he was busy at his desk and he seemed to be mumbling to himself. But, no, he was not mumbling, he was teaching words to his new artificial brain. He named his brain Hal, and they know each other quite well already.
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LaneyNicolexoxo came in to see what all the chatter was about, and what do you know, she rushed out and bought her own artificial brain! Now, it’s a battle to see whose brain will be the smartest.
Snapshot _ Medici University - Isabella, LEA23 (79, 137, 35) -
Between them both, they have found some bugs in the brain’s synapses, which makes it even more fun.
I only sit around and say my name a lot, so that their brains will learn my name too.

Story submitted by Veyot at MU.


  1. Great article! Thanks so much. I loved reading it. I guess it’s not just the students and faculty here at MU that are busy learning. What would happen if you got all those artificial brains together for a seminar? Would they start teaching each other? You could call the seminar “Zen and the artificial brain: I think, therefore I am not”

    Neeva Torok
    1. I think, therefore I am not

      Actually, peeps like John Searle are convinced that silicon is the “wrong stuff” and that no matter how “smart” machines get, that they’ll never have qualia, or emotion, or the things that make us human. However peeps like Daniel Denett believe the opposite, that when machines get “smart enough” those other properties will spontaneously emerge.

      I must respectfully refute that “Skully” over in The Chaplain’s Rectory has anything remotely close to a 1469 IQ. Still, your idea of gathering the campus Brains, Bots, and such, for a Zen & the Artificial Brain (Zen & the Art of Motorcycles with terraflop cpu’s?) seminar, is fascinating!

      Veyot, Neeva, perhaps you’d like to form a MUltibrain CONsortium (MU-CON) and invite AI’s to a seminar / workshop some weekend morning?

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