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Isabella Medici, Curriculum Vitæ

Isabella Medici, Curriculum Vitæ

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Isabella Medici

Curriculum Vitæ (course of life)


Baroncelli Villa
Piazzale del Poggio Imperiale, 1
50125 – Firenze

Born: 31 August 1542, Florence
Murdered: 16 July 1576, Cerreto Guidi
Twitter Resurrection: 16 January 2014, Cyberspace

Teaching Experience

Provost, Medici University, 2015 –

Medici University is a 6.5 hectare virtual campus where hundreds of avatar students have explored their own unique knowledge trajectories.

As MU Provost I presided over the retirement of the University Catalog. Our catalog was an extraordinary document accumulating the world’s knowledge. Retiring a document that encompassed six millennia of human struggle and learning was challenging. Ultimately though, while the achievements of the past are fundamental, I believe that each generation, each individual student, must discover their own, unique educational path. Education must not be a set of tablets handed down to the learner from some sacred mountaintop. Education must be each student’s own investigation and discovery.

Style Editor-at-large, Katyperryopolis Club, 2015 –

I firmly believe we live in a time where fashion gives us so much more freedom for individuality. If anything, fashion is ruled by strong individuals, whether it is broadening the idea of dressing, dressing gender non-specific, or whether it is simply through broader collections where everyone can find their own style within. But honestly, fashion photography is very monotonous these days. Everyone is scared of taking a risk. I yearn for real tastemakers and individualists, the Irving Penns of today.

Personal Trainer, Izzy’s Gym, 2014 –

Obsessed by online spaces, denizens of the Global North consume too many calories and experience too little physical work and play. At Izzy’s Gym I’ve sought to bring balance to the lives of modern avatars.

Literary Editor, Scala Group, 2009 – 2013

Worked with authors on arts publications.

Host, Florence Salon, 1562 – 1574

Hosted numerous composers, poets, and painters. Produced both readings and full productions of artists work. Facilitated vigorous debates on the fine points of the Tuscan language.

First Lady of Florence (FLOFL) 1562 – 1574

After my mother’s passing I assumed the role of FLOFL. I met with numerous rulers, diplomats, scholars, and artists. I commissioned artworks for Medici properties, and produced theatrical and musical performances.


University study for girls was not common when I was young. Instead I was home-schooled by the most excellent tutors in Florence. I was trained with a humanist philosophy. I studied many subjects, including classics, languages, and arts. I was especially fond of music, poetry, visual art and language arts. My tutors included Pier Francesco Riccio, Antonio Angeli da Bargo, and Piero Vettori.


MU Creativity

Publisher of an online arts magazine presenting the work of avatar students at Medici University.

Katyperryopolis Club

Style editor-at-large for Katyperryopolis Club, a music, fashion & art tabloid focusing on the newest trends in avatar culture.

Medici University Catalog

I presided over the development and publishing of our university catalog. Later, I also presided over the retirement of the catalog in favor of individual students developing their own bespoke curriculum.

MOOC Magazine

Co-editor with Edie Sedgwick of MOOC Magazine, an online journal focused on scholarly works produced in arts MOOCs.


  • Tuscan
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Latin
  • Greek


smiling in Florence

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