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My ABC’s or how I became a better artist A to Z

My ABC’s or how I became a better artist A to Z

So let me start by saying I’m not much of a writer. Thankfully I’m not trying to write really. It’s more of me talking about my art and how this process made me a better artist. I first just kinda heard about it and said oh that sounds fun, but next thing I know I’m thinking hard about what I’m doing and trying to think outside the box as it were. So I guess I’ll show each pic and talk about each one maybe a sentence or two about my thoughts on each pic. Some are silly thoughts others are deeper (which is a big deal as I’m usually about as deep as the shallow end of a pool). So enough of my rambling lets get to the photos =)

a is for aquab is for beach boat bikkni and babe ;)

A is for Aqua. Ok so to tell the truth I really like shooting pics with water in them. So it was easy to decide to take this pic. Not much more to tell here.

B is for beach babe bikini and boat. So for this one I was like look I can put all these b words together! Also I thought this could look good and my avi is kinda cute. So I just figured it would be a fun piccy to do. I also liked how the shadow fell on my avi.

c is for carD is for Dargon

C is for car. I went to a car store and found this pretty car to take a pic of. Only thing I remember is that it was a hard shoot to set up just how I wanted it.

D is for Dragon. Sooo windlights! I had not been using them until this pic. I guess you can see this as the effect adds a lot more mood to the pic. At first I wanted to take a pic of a dragon inworld but I couldnt find one I thought looked good so I did this statue instead.

e is for emmas rooftopF is for Fries

E is for Emma’s roof . so as most of you know Emma throws little party’s on her roof . so i thought it’d be a great place to take a pic . it was great also to get so many of my fellow students into a piccy . also i like the doves getting into the pics too .

F is for fries. I guess I was hungry when I did this piccy lol.

G is for Greeceh is for happy ^_^

G is for Greece.. I didnt like how this came out after I did it, the more I look at the less I like it. It’s done now though.

H is for happy. Yes I’m smiling. Yes I’m looking off at something. It’s kinda silly looking. As a side note I look at this pic it reminds me of someone in my family in rl. Just this pic though.

i is for ice cream

I is for ice cream. I like ice cream and when I decided to do this pic I thought it would be fairly easy to find somewhere to shoot some ice cream. I remember landing on the sim and running around looking for the ice cream shop and a cute lil girl avi lead me to it. Also I was gonna do ice skating at first but couldn’t produce a piccy I liked enough to use.

j is for just about to jump

J is for just about to jump. Hmmm I’m looking at this pic and this wasn’t my first idea for this pic. I was gonna just catch myself jumping with my avi but it was problematic. I found this ski jump at a sim with winter sports stuff it was a fun pic to shoot. If your wondering I did go down the hill and lets say ‘m glad it was in sl. Splat comes to mind.

K is for KnifeL is for lightsaber

K is for knife. So I have a bit of a dark side . I have been hurt a lot in life and for me it was a no brainer to do a pic of a knife in my back as I have been there many times in rl. I made this pic as dark as I could to convey pain and hurt. The metal floor to show the coldness of being hurt.

L is for lightsaber. Star Wars oh how I love you. I found this awesome background and these sabers and I made it work. In my last picture I displayed my hurt and weak side. In this pic I felt empowered. The scared hurt girl replaced with a bad ass sith goddess. I love this pic it’s one of my fav, in the whole series. Also not the last time Star Wars will inspire my work.

M is for Mass effectn is for naked truth

M is for mass effect, Sci-Fi inspired again. Inspired by one of the best and most award winning video game series Mass Effect. I found a mass effect sim, I went there, snapped this pic in my lovely asari armor. This is fan service to a game series I love.

N is for naked truth. Pretty simple again I’m naked standing in front of a rainbow easy enough symbolism. I chose to cover my nipples as to not distract the viewer and make it less sexual and more about the truth.

o is for orange tree,dress and hairP is for Punk rock girl

O is for Orange tree dress and hair. This picture is different for me cause I rarely over saturate pictures. This one just turned out best this way. Also I love the dress I picked out even if it is a bit covered by my hair. I’m glad I could find an orange tree to use.

P is for Punk rock girl. So I’m a kid of the 80’s when punk was huge and for me I was a huge fan of the dead milkman. Their most well known song is “Punk Rock Girl” so I got the idea to go punk for this pic. A little half shirt a leather jacket and a beanie. Later I went from sweet lil muse to tough punk. I choose a darker look to reflect the underground scene.

Q is for Question Authority

Q is for Question Authority. OMG Shes a big bleeding heart liberal. You’re damn straight I am. I’m a huge supporter of lots of causes. And I thought this would be a great way to beat people over the head with my ideas without saying a thing. I’m wearing a shirt that is for world peace and rainbows for gay rights. I dont like saying gay rights when it’s just human rights. Also the racial events in Missouri and New York were on my mind when I made this picture .

R is for Robbed , remember, regret and ruined

R is for robbed, remember, regret and ruined. Please bare with me as I try to be artistic. I was exploring a very post apocalyptic looking sim and I found this broken down playground. It spoke to me on a lot of levels. As a parent it made me sad to think of a place where a fall out may happen and the children could be victims. I was trying to get across an idea of complete despair. The dark moody lighting and the only light cast down on a wrecked playground where no kids would ever play again.

S is for Sweet and sexyT is for together

S is for sweet and sexy. Ummm not much to say here I found something sexy but still cute to put on and got into this pose. I really like how my hair came out in this pic. Yes I’m wearing hair eyes up perv. * giggles*

T is for together. My pretty gf lorhee hopped into this pic with me as we where at a sandbox/beach and posed in front of the water. The trick here was getting the hair right so it didn’t look bad. I think i pulled it off much better then me trying to pull off short hair =p

U is for Up in the sky looking out to heavenV is for Veritech

U is for up in the sky looking to heaven. I’d like to say there’s a deep meaning to this and it was well thought out, I’d like to say that but it’d be a big old whopper of a lie. I was standing on top of Neeva‘s tower and was kinda looking out and I said ohh this will work. I like how simple it is and how the sky turned out.

V is for veritech. What’s a veritech, it’s a plane that changes to a robot.  It’s from a show called Robotech I watched as child.

W is for Wetx is for x-wing


W is for Wet. All of all the photos I did I was happiest with this one. I was able to capture that I just came out of the water feeling. I love how the lighting fell on me and i was able to use wet hair and attach wetness tattoos to add to the feeling. I think I was able to show myself in a sexy light as well as show myself fresh from the water a lot of what I learned was in this picture.

X is for X wing. I love Star Wars as I said before and x was a tricky letter anyways. For this picture I wanted to try to make it look a little more gritty. I thought maybe its flying into a sandstorm or something. I like it and with all the Star Wars hype in current pop culture for the new movie it seemed like a fit.


y is for yummyy is for yummy

Y is for yummy . So I found this great candy sim and had fun shooting these shots . My outfit was perfect too. As you can see I played a lot with the lighting and windlights to create two fun colorful pics. This is the only time I used two pics for one letter.

Z is for zap. So a few things. My shirt says zap but I am also holding a Nintendo zapper as a kid of the 80’s I spent more then a few afternoons playing duck hunt. So for this one I did a bit of a darker look.  I could have done something very campy for this one. I wanted to go a different direction. I was also sad this was my last pic of my ABC’s .

z is for zap

So if you read all this bless your heart, thank you . I loved doing this it made me think outside the box. Some of my best work came from this project learning new ways to apply my art and finding new visions. I don’t think it was all perfect but I think you can see a lot of growth for me in a short time. The lessons I learned doing this will forever make me a better artist. Thank you again. Follow me on flicker https://www.flickr.com/photos/131127567@N04/

See you around campus.


  1. I loved the stories behind the photos. And this is a great article to show how much you’ve progressed because everyone has a start and yours is beautiful. Oh, and I’ve got a BITCHIN’ CAMARO!!!!!!!! Thank you for reminding me of that song. 😉

  2. My faves –
    A is for Aqua – I love the colors.
    H is for Happy – Yes, you’re happy, silly happy. It seems a too happy. How do you really feel? : )
    P is for Punk Rock Girl – I like the dark ones and this one seems to come from someplace inside you.
    R is for Robbed… – It’s a sad, barren picture, and dark. : )
    W is for Wet – You look great and I love the pose.
    X is for X Wing – Wonderful, life-like composition.
    Z is for Zap – Clever double use of zap. I liked it more after you explained it. Like the angle in this, too.

    Myra Wildmist
  3. Oh wow! I loved this article so much. Really interesting to see all the photos together and get your story about each one. I’m so glad you took the time to put it all together and share it with us. ❤️

  4. i want to thank everyone for the kind words . i hope everyone understood what i was talking about . i love that its all been such kind words for this non writers writing .


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