Big Avatar On Campus

The awesome Zsophia is working on getting our MU Honor Roll up to date — Go Zsophia!

Honor Roll

Which inspired me to add a new Big Avatar On Campus (BAOC) award. Emma’s working on the trophy now. It will be a perpetual trophy where the recipient adds their name or other elements before passing it on.

Since the MU Honor Roll is already based on “balls” earned through various on-campus community participations, I’ve decided to have the BAOC OTW Award be selected in a different way. It won’t be by points or popular vote, it will be a one-person selection. Each Friday the current BAOC Award Holder will consider who’s been amazing on the MU Campus and award the trophy to them for a week. A lot of peeps are amazing around here! Choosing will be a tough job! But hey, that’s why we earn the big prim allocations! 😀

Since there is no “current” BAOC award holder, I will select the 1st one to start the ball rolling, and then every Friday we’ll have the current recipient pick the new award recipient. Everyone on campus is eligible, except as administrators, rmarie and I are not eligible. And you can only win it once, so no former recipient is eligible.

There are a number of people that I’d really love to recognize for their wonderful contributions to our campus community! But since I can only pick 1 person, it has to be Neeva Torok.

I don’t generally think of Art, Culture, University, or Community in terms of competitive sports, but if I did, I’d have to say that no one has put on more of a full court press than Neeva. Yes she loves no-look passes and dropping the ball thru the net, but she also works every cm of the court and never wastes an opportunity.

Neeva’s constantly evolving installation at Maria-4 is a marvel of creativity, simplicity, and community engagement. She’s brought others to campus and she’s always happy to support and engage in the work of everyone here. When Pearl asked for participants for her collaborative story project of course Neeva was the first one to submit.

On a campus with so many wonderful peeps, Neeva truly stands out as a Big Avatar On Campus!

If Emma’s able to finish the trophy by tomorrow, Friday, then we’ll present it to Neeva who can proudly display it for a week until next Friday when she’ll have the difficult pleasure of selecting the next BAOC OTW Award Winner.

Congratulations Neeva!

And thank you for being you!