The beautiful Veyot!


Veyot was one of the first people I met in Medici University, and proved to be very knowledgeable about the best builds in Second Life – I find her tastes wide-ranging and informed. Prior to meeting her I had visited a terrible art sim that negatively colored my impressions on the state of art in SL. It wasn’t until Michael Green invited me over to Medici University to meet Veyot when I saw the light.

Enthusiasm for exploration is always contagious, and after following her on trips on and off campus I realized how mistaken I had been. Whenever a sim or artist leaves an impression on me you can be sure that I heard it through Veyot first. I cannot thank her enough for sharing important contacts with me – it was Veyot who brought me to visit galleries owned by Asmita Duranjaya, who has given me the opportunity to have my first Second Life exhibition in the coming month. Veyot’s guidance has been invaluable to me as someone who was previously skeptical of the platform.


Veyot the skater girl is also full of energy! One of my formative memories on SL includes her looking badass with roller blades during a zombie-shooting mission (Veyot fared a lot better than I did). This is why my modification to the Award revolves around the idea of mobility – apt considering how much fun we had with the Veyotmobile race she organized. The painstaking methods she went through to test MU routes in preparation for this race reminded me of that of a cartographer; Lewis Caroll once wrote a story about a map that had a scale of a mile to a mile. The inhabitants of the territory, finding the map too hard to read, eventually start using the country itself as its own map! This seems as a good metaphor for Veyot’s contributions to the community, in her mapping out of spaces through full immersion.


Take a bow Veyot, take a Bow!