In the first few weeks of our Practice Based Research in the Arts class I’ve met so many amazing colleagues. I’ve done mini-profiles of them on my blog:
Virtual Public

One of those new colleagues, Owen G. Parry has asked me to do a mixed reality piece with him.

Mixed Reality – a performance work at the intersection of Physical Reality and Virtual Reality.

band rehearsal at Ce Soir Arts in Second Life

On Friday Owen will be performing at a physical space in London, and he asked Vanessa Blaylock Company to be his virtual backup band. Today we had a rehearsal with Owen in a London rehearsal space and VBCO at Ce Soir Arts in Second Life. Aeon Jenvieve-Woodford joined in as stage manager to sync events in the two realities. Everyone’s excited about the live event on Friday and I’m pleased to be collaborating with a PBR classmate.

Human: Owen

Stage Manager: Aeon

A V A T A R . B A N D
Moni guitars & bass
Trilby Macbook
Vanessa vocals

Here’s a few pix from today’s rehearsal.
Click to enter slide show.
Use arrow keys to scroll thru.

The song we’re doing is a cover of The Centimeters’ I Want a Dead One.


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