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Creativity Next Door: Piedra Lubitsch

Creativity Next Door: Piedra Lubitsch

When I first glimpsed Piedra’s work, at her MU studio, I immediately fell in love with the delicate colour palettes and soft treatment of the images.. I wanted to go on a little journey through these images. Piedra was kind enough to lead the way and let my mind wander every now and then:
piedra lubitsch_16623379256_93fe76d1b9_c
Art: Tell me about this picture, I love how expressive it is.. it reminds me of an old movie actually..

Piedra: Yes, that place is Seven shop at Shiny Shabby. I got the outfit at that sim as well. This shop was particularly beautiful, with all those vintage furniture and a piano to play with. I like the image so I took a few pics. I have never seen the movie you mention, but I agree it has a nostalgic feeling.

The Faces
piedra lubitsch_16610707352_ff745bb86c_c
Art: Of course, your front-facing portraits capture moments just as beautifully.. Tell me more about this
one? The background here feels almost as important as the details on the model, they work beautifully together!

Piedra: I took that pic at the Medici University studio I have placed with poses to everyone take a picture. Usually I use a simple color background, but wanted to have a mediterranean texture in contrast with the asian piece, a group gift from =Zenith= for the new Chinese year.  I love New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The Places

Art: The titles of your work are intriguing as well, they make me want to step in and ask her whats on her mind.. but for now I can ask what was on your mind when you took this picture, called “Subliminal Message”?
piedra lubitsch_16367747359_68347968f5_c
Piedra: Hahaha, well, there is a big penis shape in this image, that is why the title. It should be easy to find. This was taken at Kashmir Dreams Sim, and linked to the song “Everybody Knows” performed by Leonard Cohen but written by Sharon Robinson.

The Scenes

Art: Your pictures truly feel like they frame a story to be discovered.. like these two.. tell me about these interesting scenes:

piedra lubitsch_ 15529497673_3a07623173_c
Piedra Lubitsch at the William Weaver Installation
piedra lubitsch_15937754679_fe8de3becc_c
Piedra Lubitsch & friends on New Years Eve

Piedra: The first one was made at a William Weaver installation just before the New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure if still on, but was beautiful with many colors, I guess I just got the greens and blues here, but took many more there. These kind of lights are visible when you go to preferences and select high quality graphics, and enable lights and shadows. I also use vintage filters and photo editing software.
The second one was made also around the New Year’s Eve, I rezzed a {vespertine} house at Rude sim sandbox. The one sitting in the kitchen is my friend Naxos Loon, we made such a party even Pierce Brosnan peeked to see what happened. And it was basically that, a house for the holidays to celebrate the New Year. There are much more pictures from that installation but just posted some on flickr with the credits. And the final party here.

The Stories

Art: I love that some of your images feature more beautiful images in the background, they draw me in like nesting dolls, a frame within a frame.. to discover another story inside the story..

piedra lubitsch_16430758236_93777fe321_c

Piedra: That picture was taken at my studio/gallery at Medici University sim. Bought a beautiful dress and finished reading Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, a very short 2 acts play, mostly absurd, and I might feel like that sometimes, with absurdness all around.
I’m simultaneously exhibiting at Berg by Nordan Art  Gallery until June 30th.
Thank you for the kind words! <33

Snapshot_023 (2)

Art: Thank you Piedra! It was wonderful getting to know more about your photography in SL and your playful exploration, I like that many of your scenes have been created by taking advantage of places that already exist to the public, and adding your personal touch to them.

Check out Piedra’s studio at MU, LEA23 [Aurelia:9], where she currently has a gallery showing a collection of her work. She’s also exhibiting at Nordan Art Gallery.


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