21st century education
Medici University


VB 101 – Luncheon with the Avatars

The biggest thing I learned from Allan Kaprow is that activities don’t have to be big. They can be modest. And thoughtful. Paying attention is the most valuable thing a fleshvatar or an avatar can do. Today we had a simple Luncheon to give avatars, old and new, and chance to share their stories.

The Painting on The Wall – Storyboard Finale

The neighbors are always peeking across each others lawns, comparing shades of green and looking for new gossip to fill their day with. Some of them just cant find anything better to preoccupy themselves with. Especially that airhead Mariah next door who’s always pretending she can’t see me from her kitchen while she’s waiting for her muffins to bake.

Ziki Questi and the Turing Test

If you apply the same subjective criteria of the Turing Test to virtual photography, you could reasonably say it has already passed its own Imitation Game. Unless the interviewer is highly skilled with a detailed knowledge of the difference between digital and virtual photography, it isn’t possible for most of us to distinguish a well-composed, realistic virtual photograph from a real life photograph.