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Blueberry Hangout (Spatula & Barcode)

Blueberry Hangout (Spatula & Barcode)

Screen Cap of Google Hangout by 6 teammates in the Stanford Online / NovoED course Practice Based Research in the Arts
Blueberry Blintz: Christa, Katrina, Michael, Rebecca, Vanessa & Molly (photo by Molly)

In response to the very inspiring video lecture from Spatula & Barcode,

Spatula & Barcode was founded in 2008 by Laurie Beth Clark (Department of Art, University of Wisconsin) and Michael Peterson (Department of Theatre and Drama, University of Wisconsin)

Spatula and Barcode website

the Blueberry Blintz team had our first Google Hangout today. We spent about 50 minutes sharing and discussing our projects, and then 10 minutes on finding a group::individual relational activity we can individually perform and then collaboratively share through documentation. It was great to share everyone’s projects which are all kind of relational at that!

We all agreed that we probably didn’t want to follow Voina’s Kissing Moscow Policewomen project.

What we did want was something:

perhaps with a stranger?
or an acquaintance we haven’t really spoken to?

The acquaintance idea resonated.

I thought about a cup of coffee with acquaintance, and we create something like a drawing or poem. And then someone remembered that it’s due tomorrow! So we’re keeping it loose, and we will document on NovoED, or Studio West, or Here, or perhaps all 3.

We all enjoyed spending a bit of time together and it was great that we were able to pull an hour out of 6 crazy schedules!

Here’s our prompt video from Spatula & Barcode:

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