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College of Avatar Architecture & Virtual Urban Planning

College of Avatar Architecture & Virtual Urban Planning

I’m submitting a Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) Artist in Residence (AiR) Land Grant (LG) proposal for LEA AiR LG Round 12. Round 12 will run from 1 January 2017 to 30 June. Here’s a copy of my application:

Aerial view of Medici University campus, Spring 2015
Aerial view of Medici University campus, Spring 2015

LEA AiR LG Application – Round 12

  • SL Name: mediciprincess
  • Email Address: isabella.medici@mediciuniversity.co.uk
  • I am applying for this grant as: Individual
  • Project Category: Educational Project
  • Project Name: College of Avatar Architecture & Virtual Urban Planning (CAA-VUP)
  • Project Maturity Rating: M – Moderate
  • Do you have experience with estate management: Yes
  • Your Résumé/CV: mediciuniversity.co.uk/isabella-medici-cv

Project Summary

The College of Avatar Architecture & Virtual Urban Planning (CAA-VUP) will be a free college open to all avatars for the Spring Semester 2017. Students will leverage past achievements in both VR & RL Architecture and Urban Planning in their pursuit of new forms of space utilization in the virtual world. Students will be encouraged to explore all manner of space planning, with emphasis on structures and city-plans that promote community and engagement with other avatars.

Project Description

Virtual Worlds like Second Life have long been great incubators for the virtual built world. Creativity has ranged from recreating iconic RL buildings to imagining fantastic, Impossible IRL structures. At the College of Avatar Architecture and Virtual Urban Planning (CAA-VUP) I will invite all avatars to come experiment, explore, and interact with other avatar architects and culture creators.

All 6.5 hectares and 15,000 prims of COAA-VUP will be available for student projects. The region will be divided into shorter term and longer term spaces. In short-term spaces students are free to utilize higher amounts of resources for shorter terms. The region will also be divided into parcels emphasizing Architecture, and others focusing more specifically on the aggregation of architectures into communities and urban spaces.

COAA-VUP will be free and open to all avatars. The region will be open. There will be no curtain walls or vertical terraforming to block adjacent regions. I’d be happy to have as LEA neighbors other avatar artists who might have open borders and pedestrian access across regions.

Current Exhibits/Documentation

Video of previous project “Medici University”. Total length: 3:37.

Welcome to Medici University from Isabella Medici on Vimeo.


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