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Creativity & Cyberart

An interesting contest is being held at LEA12, The Paradise of CyberPolis, asking what is CyberArt? The contest is a collaborative effort by Asmita Duranjaya and Snakeappletree, who have created their imaginative vision of a cybercity at LEA12. It also happens to be an immersive narrative game, an adventure to explore while you take in the sights and sounds of the creative surroundings.

Our target has been to focus on the term CYBER and what it can mean in an artistic way in a virtual world . . . We see our LEA12 as a research project too and would like to find out more about the term CYBER. In preparation of our application we had organized a discussion panel . . . concerning the definition of that term. (Asmita Duranjaya – taken from the LEA12 contest info notecard)

It’s a topic I’m fascinated with, and while I personally didn’t find out about it until the day before deadline, I am super happy to see that two of our very own MU learners Elle Thorkveld and Feels Empty have entered the contest! So here’s a little peek at their entries, although for both I highly suggest you check them out in avatar to really enjoy them. (I’m thrilled to know that Elle is setting up her interactive entry – what I’m calling a glitch musical instrument – on the roof of her MU studio. Yay!)

Timeframes is Elle Thorkveld’s interactive glitch art and music installation!
Elle's artist statement. click to read about her view of cyberart.
Elle’s artist statement
Feels Empty’s visually striking moire animated installation. Zeno.
Feels’ artist statement.


And here are some of the other wonderful entries at the contest. I really enjoyed reading all the different artist statements, each reflecting an individual interpretation of the term Cyberart:


I love this project from Asmita Duranjaya, it encourages us to reflect upon our presence within cyberspace, and consider how each of us perceive the creativity surrounding us. Personally, I think of “Cyberart” as a creative process, or event, that happens when man (or woman) meets machine, that creative dance that emerges as the two collide, online, in a space that is experienced uniquely for each of us, and is open to our feedback, and our collaboration, in the slightest or most significant way. Congrats Elle and Feels for submitting your work to this project alongside so many fantastic artists, and I wish you both the best of luck!


  1. Thank you for your good wishes, Art. I love your definition of “Cyberart”! I encourage everyone to go check out the exhibit and all the artists’ wonderful work.

  2. Thanks for featuring these! I remember someone mentioning this, but I would have completely forgotten to go see it (and been very sad). I’m going to go this weekend!

    1. Hey Neeva, So happy to pass on the reminder! I’m so glad I caught up with it, the sim itself is a great place to explore too and there’s an adventure game to follow which I’ll probably be back to check out soon hehe 🙂

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