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Critical Practice – Hangout

Critical Practice – Hangout

Like the Blueberries we had our hangout and had some fun with it. Our conversation was also about an hour in length. However our conversation took a different turn, instead of chatting about our project (which we should come back to for another hangout) we chatted about the philosophical and practical issues that raised themselves with a public interaction across 3 continents and 4 time zones. In the end we decided to use the project to appeal to our own individual interests expressed though our preferred media of representation. However to make it a group activity we all agreed to do something we did everyday (hence the title ‘A Very Ordinary Something’) as a public interaction at the same time at 22.00GMT 2013/11/18. The time zones were GMT-8, GMT, GMT+1 and GMT+4.
The problem I believe some of us had with such a public interaction was that the intervention itself is meaningless in societal terms and felt a little exploitative. For me, interventions should be a dialogue. Both parties should feel informed after its passing and for it to be meaningful both parties should have benefited in real terms. In this interaction the benefits were one-sided to the benefit of the student fulfilling the assignment. Consequently the documentation of feeling towards the intervention was more interesting than the intervention itself.


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