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Creativity Next Door: Eupalinos Ugajin

Creativity Next Door: Eupalinos Ugajin

One of the things I cherish most about SL is the thought-provoking conversations, the sharing of thoughts and ideas with so many intriguing minds that make you stretch your imagination just a little further. My encounters with Eupalinos Ugajin feel like walking through a minimalist painting, through a tiny doorway, into a quiet, floating hallway.. Then I click, click, click. links and links intertwining, start blooming everywhere, a magic begins to unfold, and I’m surrounded by visuals and music and a wonderful absurdity.. They are a form of the most subtle, yet mindblowing conversations I’ve had in this virtual space we share together. Well, today I have a little conversation to share with you, and I hope you enjoy the clicking through this inner-view..

Art: Hello Eupalinos, thank you for taking the time to interview with me.. First, I have to ask, what does your name Eupalinos mean?

Eupalinos: Hello,

Just a name I found when I created my second life account. Not that interested by a tunnel ^^

test avatar by Eupalinos
More avatars ?

Art: What is your project at MU about?

Eupalinos: “One Less Car”

Art at Eupalinos’ studio at MU [Aurelia 5]

What is it that drives you, as an artist?

Eupalinos: I don’t consider myself an artist but using the costume could help in some situations.

More avatars ?


Art: Is there a specific style of art that you consider to have a significant influence on your creativity?

Eupalinos: Many ?

Playing at @ “Speculum” by Giovanna Cerise


Art: Is there a specific artist or artwork that resonates with you on a deeply personal level?

Eupalinos: I like what these people invent: Andy Goldsworthy, Ralph Steadman, James Turrell

The “?” bird – taken at Meta Body II


Art: And your own art, are there specific themes you like to explore?

Eupalinos: Click on the different tabs here ?

You can play with this catapult here (TP on the ground level) – Each projectile is by a different person


Art: What is playfulness in art?

Eupalinos: Alpha Auer/Elif Ayiter wrote a paper on Eupalinos (and Naxos) on this subject.

kou element
“Second Life” notice/invitation: (…) warmly invited to our special presentation of The Little Prince. Dress Code: Formal attire please. Arrive early as seating is limited and will fill quickly
More infos on this avatar here


Art: Where does your work begin, what’s your creative process?

Eupalinos: Random. Small sketches in some cases.

Let Me Draw This For You
“Let Me Draw This For You.” (giant pencil part of the avatar)

Art: What do you eat for breakfast?

Eupalinos: Homemade bread usually.

Avatar details here


Art: When do you feel social media is good for art/artists and, when is it not?

Eupalinos: Good as long as you can eat it.

An avatar a day keeps the trolls away. (click for more avatars)

Art: If someone came to you for advice on how to bridge the gap between imaginative ideas and producing artwork, what would you say?

Eupalinos: I don’t see a gap between the two.

Eupalinos + Art
Eupalinos plays with stars at MU, and Art tries not to stare at the sun.

Art: Kou? (you don’t need to speak russian for this one)

Eupalinos: “you are the music while the music lasts” (T.S Eliot) > listen to some I like here ? (3 playlists in the player)
more avatars
More avatars ?

Installation by Eupalinos Ugajin in the metaLES simulation in Second Life, nov/dec 2014


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