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Izzy’s Resources #1: 2015-02-09

Izzy’s Resources #1: 2015-02-09

Hello All!

We have a lot of ideas and a lot of materials available for your time here at MU. I thought I should do an occasional Notecard / Blog Post summarizing some of them. And this is the first. If there are things you want to know about, or things you think should be included or featured here, LMK!

Life List

Our first activity is to make a Life List. Like everything else at MU, this is optional. It’s not a “requirement,” it’s an invitation. But it is a pretty good idea. Full details here:

MU by Studio

You’ve almost certainly seen it, but it’s a pretty good idea to revisit the MU Studio Map and see who some of your neighbors are:

MU by Major

Perhaps even better is the “Class of ’15” page that show’s who else is in your same Program / Department / College. You should take some time with this page and seek out classmates both very close to you, and also in other majors, to converse with and perhaps collaborate with:


A great place to share & discuss ideas, links, questions, and anything else is MU/Talk. If you haven’t already joined in there, just drop by and self-register by clicking the “Register” link up top. Try to pop by once a day and leave a comment on a classmate’s question or idea if you can:

Friend “MediciUniversity Resident”

Another great place to post Ideas, Questions, Announcements, Invitations, Exhibitions, Provocations, or anything else, is the many kiosks all around the MU campus. They’re all owned by MediciUniversity Resident. If you friend him he’ll give you permission to modify his stuff and you can throw your 512×512 textures up on any of them. Don’t hesitate or feel bad about throwing your poster up on top of someone else’s. Even if you think the old one is “better” than yours. The kiosks are not a museum of great works, they’re a white board where we scribble and think out loud. We can’t create great new ideas if we’re too reverent to cover some of the great old ideas. So feel free to put your posters on top of other peeps. And don’t feel dissed if someone goes over you. Just keep the conversation going.

MU Flickr Group

If you take pictures of the campus, your studio, your friends, the peeps you meet, the conversations you have, or anything else, you might like to add them to the MU Flickr Group:

MU Guiding Principles

What’s this place all about anyway?

  • Guiding Principles, Part I: Campus Design
  • Guiding Principles, Part II: Curriculum Design – coming next week!
  • Medici University FAQ

Jane’s Walk

Jane Jacobs 1961 book The Death and Life of Great American Cities has had a profound impact on the design and philosophy of our campus. Since 2007, Jane’s Walk’s, tours of neighborhoods, have taken place in 140 cities on 6 continents. For the 9th annual Jane’s Walk on 1, 2, 3 May 2015, Medici University will become the 1st virtual city ever to participate in Jane’s Walk:

Jane’s Walk Everyday!

I’m excited about our upcoming MU Jane’s Walk. But really, it’s the sort of thing we should be trying to do every day. Interacting with your classmates here at MU is at least as important as anything else you’ll do this semester. Yes you’re busy. Yes you have your own goals. But I can’t emphasize enough how sharing, interacting, and building community here will make all of our experiences so much richer. You absolutely can meet new friends here who you can discuss ideas with and collaborate on projects with. Perhaps 2 World Building students can build elements that work together. Perhaps a writer and a photographer can create piece collaborating with, or responding to, the other’s work. You might launch a new website to show these collaborations, or you could present them on mediciuniversity.co.uk (give me a shout if you’d like to post here on KPO.club)


Want to work at Medici University? It takes a lot of people to keep even a virtual campus going, and we need you! Bridge Brewing Co., KATYPERRYOPOLIS!, MU Avatar Fertility & Surrogacy Clinic, and MU Adoption and Day Care Center all have many openings. You already study here, why not start a career here?

Invite Your Friends

We still have a few studios and a few prims left at MU! If you know anyone who might like to participate here, please encourage them to join us. Tell them not to stress about how much they can “deliver”. MU doesn’t have any requirements. All the requirements come from you. You shouldn’t be working toward my goals, you should be working toward your goals. You can’t let me down. I don’t have any expectations. I hope you don’t let yourself down. If I can, I’d like to help you realize your goals in these next 20 weeks at MU.

Thank You!

Thank you for being a part of Medici University! See you around campus!

Knowledge is power!

— Izzy

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