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So glad to be joining you all. I am a partner with Michael Masucci in EZTV. I’m an artist and also an Assistant Professor at Otis College of Art and Design in the Digital Media Dept. Here’s more info about me from the EZTV page:

I’m looking forward to participating in, and discovering, this community. I’ve heard many wonderful things from Michael about Vanessa, The Blueberries and Re/search.



  1. Hi Kate! Thanks so much for joining us here at .Re/search! Whenever you have a few minutes it’d be great to hear more about your interests or a project you’re working on.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the answer to this question is “The EZTV Online Museum”… but… after spending a semester with Michael I’ve learned a number of small pieces about EZTV, but in a way I’m even more confused about what “it” is! 😀 My sense is that like all living things EZTV has evolved over time and hence that your and Michael’s work today may be a somewhat distinct chapter from some of the historical activities you’re also celebrating.

    Perhaps at some point You, or Michael, or Both of You, or maybe even with a bit of help from one of our resident writer-geniuses like Christa or Rebecca N., could write a little EZTV “overview” or “then and now” or such piece for us. It could feature lots of links to various places on the EZTV Museum site, but a bit of an introduction would be nice for us. You may have already produced something like this. Or if you haven’t it might be a useful thing to have.

    Wow! You said “Hello,” and I wound up giving you and a bunch of other people “homework!” haha! What’s up with that!? 😛

    Welcome Kate!

  2. Kate,

    I mentioned to Vanessa “Core”, the performance piece that you did in 2011. I think you should tell her about it. It could make for a good blog here and would give more insight into your practice.

    Among the many cool parts of your piece, one things stands out as relevant to what Van has assigned us as ‘homework’. And about a conversation she and I had about conservation. It was during the part of your piece when you had people come up and dig through the archeological sandbox you had made. One person pulled out a VHS tape. The audience all yelled to not preserve it, because it was ‘just old tech’. Therefore it was discarded. Not one person even asked what was on the tape. Perhaps some lost masterpiece of video art, perhaps a dub of some pirated Hollywood movie, perhaps the last moments of someone’s family member before passing on? They will never know. Nor did they seem to care.

    Reminds me of the old woman who used pieces from the Dead Sea Scrolls as kindling to make tea, before her son thought the papers might have some value other than as fuel for a fireplace.

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