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Linden Endowment for the Arts Proposal

Linden Endowment for the Arts Proposal

LEA Land Grant Application: Round Eight

Second Life Name: mediciprincess
Applying as: Individual
Project Category: Educational
Project Name: Medici University Virtual Campus
Project Maturity Rating: M – Moderate

Project Summary:
Most education today continues to follow a 19th century model and focuses on meeting the needs of the 19th century world. Medici University is a new educational paradigm focusing on facilitating self-motivated learners. MU offers a non-accredited alternative MFA program.

At the MU Virtual Campus at LEA we will offer educational and collaborative opportunities in the arts. We will solicit faculty from across Second Life to teach and guide students in the technical, aesthetic, and conceptual aspects of virtual creation. During the time of the AIR Land Grant MU will feature a number of activities, presentations, and other public outreach events.

5 students with the Florence skyline behind them
Study in Virtual Florence!

Project Description:
The Medici University virtual campus at LEA will be a university campus. It will feature a number of academic instruction buildings, artist’s studio spaces, workshops, dorm rooms, dining facilities, and student health & wellness facilities. Students and faculty from across Second Life will teach, learn, and collaborate here. They can also have artist’s studio space to work on projects. Student work will be presented at the Medici University Art Galleries.

Medici University is applying as part of the Pedestrian Access project. As such MU looks forward to working with neighbors. I anticipate an especially synergistic connection with the Trilby’s Mill installation.

Do you have experience with estate management: Yes

Your Resume / CV:
In the 16th century I was the First Lady of Florence #FLOFL. I was highly educated and facilitated one of the most substantive salons in Florence. I commissioned many artworks. I sang, danced, and painted. However like so many times when knowledge is scarce, I eventually was overtaken by ignorance. My misanthropic brother and misogynistic husband colluded to murder me and invoke a damnatio memoraie against my life and work.

I was angry for a long time. But after 400 years underground, you eventually let things go and move on. At the beginning of this 2014 year I was fortunate to be resurrected in Second Life.

Since my resurrection I have focused on building a better world. On eradicating ignorance. On building better lives, body and soul. For the soul I founded Medici University. For the body I founded Izzy’s Gym.

Current Exhibits / Documentation:
Izzy’s Gym is currently setup at: SLURL

Image: Athena Study Abroad


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