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Roles at MU

Roles at MU

Pearl Grey, Isabella Medici & Trilby Minotaur at the Petopolis Facility

We have many Job Opportunities at MU! We also need a bit of organization here. Most things can be done with the VB Friends group. Some things require “Estate Manager” permission. If we need a region restart or something drastic, or anytime there’s a problem and you can’t find any MU Staff around, feel free to contact someone from LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts – our landlord!)

Estate Managers

  1. MediciPrincess Resident (MU)
  2. rmarie Beedit (MU)(pending)
  3. Jayjay Zifanwe (LEA)
  4. JMB Balogh (LEA)
  5. LaPiscean Liberty (LEA)
  6. Mandel Solano (LEA)
  7. Oberon Onmura (LEA)
  8. PatriciaAnne Daviau (LEA)
  9. Solo Mornington (LEA)
  10. Werner Kurosawa (LEA)

VB Friends

Everyone can

  • Invite People to Group
  • Set Home to Here
  • Send Group Notices
  • Group Chat


• Amber Grantham (KATYPERRYOPOLIS!)
• Thomas Maybe (Newbit Yootz)(Bridge Brewing Co.)

  • Change Member Roles, Manage Ban List
  • Music & Media Streams
  • Return Objects


  • Emma Maybe (PhyllisMaybe)
  • Jackson Drechsler
  • Myra Wildmist
  • NSANE Darkfold
  • Ze Moo

  • Change Music & Media Settings

KPO! Host

  • Oona (msbluerasp)
  • Zsophia Innovia

KPO! GoGo Dancer

  • Trilby Minotaur (Trilby3D)

BBC Server

Prim Police

Considering how messy things can get in SL, it’s remarkable how well things are going at MU! Still, someone might forget a prim, visible or invisible, at your studio. Or they might leave a prim generator with massive physics that lags everyone on campus. For these and any other issues, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our fine Prim Police force.

  • Dai (Dai Oanomochi)
  • Moto (Motorato Ware)

University Administration

  • rmarie Beedit


Our LEA23 “Estate” is limited to 10 Estate Managers, and unfortunately, the LEA Committee takes up 8 of them before we even get started. So the best we can do is to have 2. Between myself and rmarie, I think we’re on quite a bit.

For VB Friends roles, if you’d like another role, contact the GM of the facility, or if that doesn’t apply, then contact me.

Isabella Medici and Neeva Torok at Neeva's Studio at Medici University

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