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Nebulosus Severine

Nebulosus Severine

Meet the MU artist, Nebulosus Severine. [Maria 10, Medici University]

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Nebulosus Severine has been creating art in Second Life for nearly ten years. After being out of SL for an extended period, they (Nebulosus eschews the limiting nature of gender pronouns) returned to SL and experimented with some of SL’s newer features, such as lighting models and materials.

Nebulosus’ Medici University creation is called Thrum. Nebulosus says,

“[Thrum is] an abstract representation for my sheer love of color, light, and sound. I built it out of sheer hedonism for those things.”

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Standing outside, you see Thrum as a colorful cube. But walk inside, go into mouse look, turn off the sim music and turn up the sounds. Inside of Thrum, your vocabulary is stretched to its limits: its peaceful, scintillating, meditative, snowy, drifting… Language is inadequate to describe the abstract visual and auditory sensations of Thrum. Don’t try to describe it. Relax and just enjoy.

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Nebulosus also has an installation called, Too Many Flowers. You can see it at Intermundia.

And if you’re feeling especially generous, Nebulosus might be in danger of having to leave SL if they don’t get a new laptop, soon. You can donate to their laptop fund at Intermundia.


Story submitted by Myra Wildmist at MU.









  1. Really professional job on this article! You’re hired! For what, I don’t know, but you are hired anyway. Nebulosus Severine has one of the most eye-catching studio spaces on campus. I have admired it several times, but now will go back and activate mouse look and sounds. Appreciate the link to nebulosus’ other work, too.

    Please do more of these brief features. It’s really nice to know a bit about the people behind the studios on campus.

    Neeva Torok
      1. Go Nebulosus!

        SuperAwesomeSauce! Neb & Neeva do have some of the most exciting spaces on campus!

        Go Neeva!

        Well, of course ALL the studios are exciting!!! But the kind of interaction and evolution we’ve seen at Neb’s and at Neeva’s really invests continuous new life into the campus. IRL I’ve got plenty of complaints about the university, but one huge thing that can’t be denied is the continual renewal of ideas, thought, and perspectives. RL students always bring fresh creativity & insight. And with so many learners @MU, I think we’re getting some of that in our VR university too!

        Go Myra!

        And speaking of amazing Big Avatars On Campus (BAOC) look at Myra – spinning an awesome Katyperryopolis! show every Sunday night – taking the lead to get our KPO! music stream setup – and now authoring wonderful pieces about the hearts & souls of our campus! Go Myra!1

        Go Zsophia!

        Zsophia has just volunteered to take on the MU Honor Roll and get that up to date — but maybe we should dump our stuffy, old “Honor Roll” for a fresher BAOC of the week award! 😀2

        Go Everyone!

        Thanks so much Neb, Myra, Neeva, Art, Zsophia, and everyone else making MU such a magical place!!



        1. sniffle, it makes me so sad that my schedule doesn’t allow me to be at Myra’s KPO! shows. But also happy to know that great things are happening on campus whether or not I happen to be around. PS: Myra, have you been to Keli’s shows? After you, yes? How’s it going for her? I initially got Keli setup, but then felt guilty for not referring her to Amber, which I then did… I haven’t been able to attend her show either, but really hope it’s going well! I’d love to see some pix of it or a short video! :D 
        2. You would not have to have a physically BIG avatar to win the BAOC OTW award. Avatars with(ahem) “normal”, and even small shapes could also be BAOC! 

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