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About Isabella

About Isabella

my parents & siblings / peopleplotr
my parents & siblings / peopleplotr


You might have heard I was a princess. Parties. Clothes. Luxury. Some liken me to Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. I prefer Jackie Kennedy or Princess Diana. I did take what joys I could in a life that offered little choice. Yes, I had it far easier than most. But 21st-century poor have luxuries 16th-century princesses never dreamt of.

It’s true. My cousin Lenora and I were both murdered by my brother. Nice guy. I shan’t speak his name.

Easy or hard, the minutes of above ground life are palpable. Once that existence is extinguished, your time below ground is of a very different nature. I’ve been gone for nearly 4-1/2 centuries. That time was neither fast nor slow. It was other.

Thanks to a very interesting project, #1850charla, I find myself unexpectedly back. However much you might think you love life, try losing yours and getting a surprising 2nd chance. It is extraordinary.

Palazzo Medici (from Assassins Creed) My home with(out mostly) Paolo Orsini
Palazzo Medici (from Assassins Creed) My home with(out mostly) Paolo Orsini

Vegetarian in Time?

I used to love things like riding and hunting. Yet now in my resurrection, I find myself considering how things went so very wrong and how a culture could be so fundamentally misogynistic. I have become a vegetarian.

Body & Soul

I contrast my love of riding, dancing, parties, parades, carnival, with the shocking amount of time you all spend in front of flat panels! I believe you all need to move more. And so my first action is to open a virtual gym where you can work on your projects in the cloud at the same time that you exercise on a treadmill. I hope you’ll visit soon!

Next I noticed how education has become a place of misplaced motivators. The extrinsic motivators of grades and diplomas have replaced the intrinsic motivation of learning, knowledge, and life experience. And so I invite you to consider an alternative MFA program right here at Medici University:


You are welcome to contact me if I can be of any assistance. I’m on most social media (except Facebook banned me). If you’d like to email me directly, it’s Isabella.Medici@MediciUniversity.co.uk Or just leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Or use the MU Contact Form. If you’re an educator, please find me on HASTAC.

And if you’re ever in Florence, by all means, do look me up. It would be my great pleasure to give you a personal tour of Baroncelli Villa & Palazzo Medici. Also, let me know what instruments you play. I have a very exciting performance coming up…

Warmest personal regards,

Isabella Medici

Portrait diptych of Isabella Medici in 1564 and Isabella Medici in 2014
Isabella 1564 / Izzy 2014

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