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New Hampshire Rebellion

New Hampshire Rebellion

Izzy's Gym - a treadmill gym for avatars in the virtual world Second Life
Izzy’s Gym

The 21st century has so many advantages over the 16th. But one thing that seems a little bit lost is the simple pleasure of walking. So today I opened a “Treadmill Gym” where you can walk and work at the same time. We have Virtual Treadmill Desks for avatars, and I also encourage typists to use RL treadmill desks at the same time. You can setup an elaborate RL Treadmill Desk, but it can also be simply done by, for example, using a “SurfShelf” to attach your laptop to a treadmill.

Today’s walk was:

  • VRIn support of Campaign Finance Reform
  • RLIn support of better health
Vanessa Blaylock and Merriam Galaxy walking on treadmills
NH Rebellion instigators Vanessa Blaylock & Merriam Galaxy

Lawrence Lessig has set to walk the length of New Hampshire in 14 days in an effort to make the 1st state to cast primary ballots in 2016 force the candidates to address real campaign finance reform. Vanessa Blaylock & Merriam Galaxy (above) couldn’t be in RL New Hampshire for today’s 10.2 mile walk from Canterbury to Concord, so they decided to organize a virtual walk instead. And they provided the reason to launch my treadmill gym!

Avatars walking on treadmills
Group of Virtual Walkers

13 avatars walked up to 10.2 virtual miles today, and some also walked up to 10.2 real miles as well.

Izzy & Caitlyn walking in the virtual New Hampshire Rebellion
Izzy & Caitlyn walking in the virtual New Hampshire Rebellion

I’ll make a formal announcement of the opening of Izzy Medici’s Treadmill Gym soon!

Polaroid photo of Isabella Medici, former first lady of Florence, and current Provost of Medici University, participating in Lawrence Lessig's New Hampshire Rebellion walk
Polaroid of me from today’s walk

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