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Pearl, Elle, Newton, Oona, Myra & The BAOC Award

Pearl, Elle, Newton, Oona, Myra & The BAOC Award

selenium toned, "Polaroid SX-70" prints of 5 avatars arranged in a collage
Pearl, Elle, Newton, Oona & Myra – our 2nd 5 BAOC Award Winners

10 weeks ago the Big Avatar On Campus (BAOC) award was born, and 5 weeks ago I celebrated the 1st 5 recipients here on our KPO! website. Today it’s time to celebrate the 2nd 5 recipients, and look forward to our final 5 upcoming recipients here in Spring Semester 2015. From about 100 participating avatars, these selectees are truly some of the brightest lights on our Medici University campus. They’ve helped people, taught classes, made work, hung out, and in so many different ways, shared ideas, given time, and practiced collegiality. These 5 new honorees join the 1st 5 in showing just what a wonderful mark someone can leave on our campus and in the experiences of so many others.

The BAOC award is not voted on “by the academy” or in a “popularity contest” or by any sort of accumulation of points or GPA. Instead it is a person-to-person passing of a trophy that marks the chain of human connection on our campus. Perhaps it is a little bit like our own MU “Germs Burn.” 10 weeks ago I started the award by giving it to Neeva Torok, who gave it to Fanny Vermont, who gave it to Art Oluja, who gave it to Feels Empty, who gave it to Veyot.

Now in our 2nd 5 awards, Veyot gave the award to Pearl Grey, who gave it to Elle Thorkveld, who gave it to Newton, who gave it to Oona Nostra, who gave it to Myra Wildmist, who currently holds the award. Later today Myra will launch us on the final 5 award recipients. Along the way each recipient has added something to, or modified the trophy in some way. The 1st trophy I gave to Neeva was, appropriately enough, an iconic .5 x .5 x .5 meter plywood cube. In the past 10 weeks it has grown and grown.

BAOC Around the Web

headshot of Pearl Grey
Pearl Grey

headshot of Elle Thorkveld
Elle Thorkveld

Headshot of Newton

Headshot of Oona Nostra
Oona Nostra

headshot of Myra Wildmist
Myra Wildmist

The Trophy

Here’s the current state of the trophy, “BAOC-10,” as it looked when Oona gave it to Myra last week:

photo of the Medici University BAOC award, Version 10
BAOC-10. Trophy created by Isabella Medici, Neeva Torok, Fanny Vermont, Art Oluja, Feels Empty, Veyot, Pearl Grey, Elle Thorkveld, Newton & Oona Nostra. Photo by Oona Nostra.

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